Advice for Operating Heavy Equipment in Cold Weather

Dec 8, 2021

Advice for Operating Heavy Equipment in Cold Weather
Harsh winters keep getting harsher. It won’t be long before we’ll be telling similar tales as our ancestors. You don’t have to suffer with engine problems and your tires spinning in the snow when you take our advice for operating heavy equipment in cold weather. Follow our safety tips for using utility vehicles in the snow.

Wear Gloves

Frozen metal may give you a frost burn if you touch it. Especially if moisture is around, the metal may freeze to your skin and rip it off. Wearing gloves will not only keep you warm but protect your skin while working with heavy equipment in the cold.

Pro-Tip: Be extra careful when gripping railings and other elements. Gloves and cold temperatures may cause you to slip.

Remove Ice and Snow

Though you can store equipment in a garage, you may still need to remove snow from driveways and other routes to operate your tractors. While your mower or track loader may have large wheels, they can easily become caked with snow and get stuck. Further, slipping on ice is dangerous in heavy equipment. Use shovels and salt to clear paths.

Maintain Headlights

Since you experience fewer daylight hours in the winter, you’ll want to illuminate your work areas. The best way is to make sure the headlights on your tractor are working. Use bright LEDs so they shine bright and last a long time. If your headlights aren’t enough, invest in a generator and flood lights so you can stay outside longer.

Start Slow

Your equipment may take longer to get started in the winter than it does during other times of the year. Allow it to warm up before getting started. Further, you’ll want to start slow once you take off. Your wheels may slip a bit as they try to find traction.

Store Equipment Indoors

One of the best ways to maintain equipment and guarantee you can keep using it is to store it properly. Especially during the winter, it’s wise to keep your mowers, tractors, and other utility vehicles inside when they are not in use. This will prevent snow and ice from damaging the equipment. Other ways to take care of your heavy-duty vehicle in the cold include:

  • Using engine and battery blankets
  • Investing in engine block heaters
  • Injecting an anti-gel additive to your fuel supply

Don’t learn the hard way before taking our advice for operating heavy equipment in cold weather. Keep yourself safe and maintain your utility vehicles if you want to use them in the ice and snow. For more details about maintaining your heavy equipment, contact Kitsap Tractor & Equipment. For products by Kubota near Everett, WA, visit our location in Marysville, WA.

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